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Sober Living for Men in Austin

Our mission is to help all who suffer from addiction and their families to live a life with purpose and direction by implementing and nurturing the three pillars of recovery –  Mind, Body, & Spirit.





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Let’s Start Your Recovery!

We offer you a positive yet structured environment to give all involved the best possible opportunity to become the person you have always wanted to be.

How Our Sober Living Benefits You

Recovery Coaching

We strongly believe in partnering not only with our clients and their families, but also with other service organizations throughout the community in order to ensure that clients and their families have the greatest opportunity for long-term recover from substance use.

Life Coaching

Through our life coaching program, you will find your true purpose and direction in life. We'll work with you to explore different passions and develop a clear action plan that you can follow to succeed in everything that you want to accomplish!

Case Management

We have a team of highly experienced and passionate case managers. You will be assigned a case manager who holistically understands you and your needs. This adds structure to your time in our sober living home.

Vetted Sponsorship

The role of a sponsor does everything possible, within the limits of personal experience and knowledge, to help the newcomer get sober and stay sober. Our vetted sponsorship will match you with someone you can lean on and trust.

Fitness Training

We offer state-of-the-art fitness equipment and training. In recovery, it's important that you replace past habits with positive new ones. Fitness training helps reaffirm the three pillars that we stand by; mind, body, and spirit.

Combat Sports Training

Black Sheep Boxing and MMA provides specialized, recreational-based coping skills that are geared towards anxiety, depression, anger, post traumatic stress and other relevant mental health symptoms.

Massage Therapy

We want to make sure while you are with us that you are completely comfortable. Our massage therapists will help keep you physically in the best condition and is a fantastic aid to the fitness and combat sports training that we offer.


The practice of Yoga completely embodies our beliefs in the Mind-Body-Spirit mentality. You will develop a regular Yoga practice led by one of our trained Yoga practioners. Even if you have never tried Yoga before, we know you are going to love it.

12 step immersion

At Three Pillars Recovery, we follow the 12-step approach. You will work the 12 steps and finding a higher power will help everything fall into place for you. We believe in this model because we work the steps ourselves!

Chef taught cooking classes and demonstrations

Do you love food but never took a stab at preparing meals? We have a trained chef on staff that not only will prepare mels for you (yes, all meals are included here) You will learn how to prepare them!
Emily Edington
Emily Edington
Compassion, fellowship, accountability and support-exactly what you’ll find at Three Pillars! Andrew treats everyone in the house like family.
Ruben Coleman
Ruben Coleman
By far the best sober living I’ve ever been in. 12 step based and a great community. A really awesome place to get sober!
Black Sheep Boxing and MMA

Three Pillars Recovery is excited to announce that we have partnered with Black Sheep Boxing and MMA into our recovery program. Black Sheep Boxing and MMA is a combat sport program offering the fundamentals of boxing and mixed martial arts to help revamp the body aspect of the threefold system of addiction – the body mind and spirit.

Learn More About Them: Black Sheep Boxing and MMA

Recovery Solutions

Treatment Initiation

During this stage of treatment, an individual's alcohol and drug use history will be taken, the treatment program will be introduced, and the counselor will work with the individual to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Complete Case Management

From the moment you walk through our doors we will have your back. You will be assigned to a case manager who will be by your side at every stage of your recovery journey. Our case managers have years of recovery experience and will truly have your best interest in mind.

Early Abstinence

It is during this early abstinence stage that your trained addiction counselor will begin to teach you the coping skills that you need to lead a sober lifestyle.

Advanced Recovery

Learning to implement these strategies not only will help you remain sober, but you will also have the skills to become a healthier person, a better spouse and parent, a productive member of society, and a good neighbor and citizen. Recovery is much more than merely staying sober. It's learning to live a happier and healthier life.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP is a flexible treatment program which allows you to maintain your daily life with only a part of your day dedicated to treatment. Intensive outpatient treatment in Austin, TX is recommended for patients who do not need medical detoxification and are not bound by the 24-hour supervision of medical professionals.

Addiction Interventions

An addiction intervention is a planned confrontation with family members of a person whose life has become unmanageable because of an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction interventions are typically most successful if a trained and experienced interventionist leads the process, and family members and other loved ones are often present as well.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Drug or alcohol detoxification is the process of safely and systematically withdrawing from a substance that you have become dependent on. For many people, detox is an important first step in recovery, allowing your body to withdraw from these substances without risking hospitalization and overseen by medical professionals.

Maintaining Abstinence

During this stage of your rehabilitation, you will learn to put the tools that you learned in early abstinence to use in other areas of your life, so that you can continue to live a truly sober lifestyle. You will discover that your future quality of life depends on more than simply not using.

Residential Treatment

Residential inpatient treatment provides you with a safe and comfortable environment to recover from addiction. In a residential program, you will find yourself completely immersed in the recovery experience and surrounded by other who are going through the same things and feelings that you are experiencing. We're all in this together.

About Our Sober Living Home

Get the Atmosphere Of Awakening

Our patients are staying at the spot that in a unique way inspires the confidence in themselves, in their strength, and in the effective healing.

Get the Atmosphere Of Awakening

Our patients are staying at the spot that in a unique way inspires the confidence in themselves, in their strength, and in the effective healing.