Our Program Offerings:

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Recovery Coaching

We strongly believe in partnering not only with our clients and their families, but also with other service organizations throughout the community in order to ensure that clients and their families have the greatest opportunity for long-term recover from substance use.

Life Coaching

Through our life coaching program, you will find your true purpose and direction in life. We’ll work with you to explore different passions and develop a clear action plan that you can follow to succeed in everything that you want to accomplish!

Case Management

We have a team of highly experienced and passionate case managers. You will be assigned a case manager who holistically understands you and your needs. This adds structure to your time in our sober living home.

Vetted Sponsorship

The role of a sponsor does everything possible, within the limits of personal experience and knowledge, to help the newcomer get sober and stay sober. Our vetted sponsorship will match you with someone you can lean on and trust.

Fitness Training

We offer state-of-the-art fitness equipment and training. In recovery, it’s important that you replace past habits with positive new ones. Fitness training helps reaffirm the three pillars that we stand by; mind, body, and spirit.

Combat Sports Training

Black Sheep Boxing and MMA provides specialized, recreational-based coping skills that are geared towards anxiety, depression, anger, post traumatic stress and other relevant mental health symptoms.

Massage Therapy

We want to make sure while you are with us that you are completely comfortable. Our massage therapists will help keep you physically in the best condition and is a fantastic aid to the fitness and combat sports training that we offer.


The practice of Yoga completely embodies our beliefs in the Mind-Body-Spirit mentality. You will develop a regular Yoga practice led by one of our trained Yoga practioners. Even if you have never tried Yoga before, we know you are going to love it.

12 step immersion

At Three Pillars Recovery, we follow the 12-step approach. You will work the 12 steps and finding a higher power will help everything fall into place for you. We believe in this model because we work the steps ourselves!

Chef taught cooking classes and demonstrations

Do you love food but never took a stab at preparing meals? We have a trained chef on staff that not only will prepare mels for you (yes, all meals are included here) You will learn how to prepare them!